Makoce Washte (Beautiful Earth) Native Prairie consisting of 40 acres of native prairie flora and fauna. Located a mile and a quarter directly north of Dewey Gevik Nature Area, thus giving a person the opportunity to visit two great nature areas in a small time frame.   

2018 Birding Blitz


Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Bird Blitz
May 18, 2018, anytime between 12:00 am – 11:59 pm
Objective: To count as many species as possible within a 24-hour period on the lands and waters protected by The Nature Conservancy.
Surveys: Participants will identify and count bird species on lands and waters protected by TNC in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota. These lands and waters include current TNC preserves or lands for which TNC assisted in protection. Participants are welcome to visit as many TNC lands/waters as they desire or are able to within the 24-hour period, but separate lists should be kept and submitted for each site surveyed. Individual birds can be counted, but the goal is to document as many different species as possible.
Birds may be identified by sight or sound; all birds must be identified beyond reasonable doubt. Birds identified by only one member of a party may be counted. All participants are expected to exhibit integrity beyond reproach! A species identified to genus or other group may be counted if no other species in that group have been identified (e.g., Accipiter sp., Empidonax sp.). Birds must be wild and unrestrained to be counted. Audio playback or recordings of bird songs or calls shall not be used to attract birds, either during scouting or the count day itself.
Submitting Observations: Participants are encouraged to submit their checklists via eBird from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, either through the website ( ) or using the eBird mobile app ( ). You can sign up to create a personal account on the tab labeled “My eBird.” Once checklists are complete, Participants should “Share” their checklist(s) with the TNC ebird account (Username: TNC MNDK).
Lists may also be submitted via email to Marissa Ahlering ( or your local volunteer coordinator. In the email, please include: name of preserve, number in your party, approximate start and end times, approximate distance traveled, list of species observed and any counts for individual species. Checklists should be submitted the day after the count: May 19, 2018.
Photo credit: Marissa Ahlering
Photo credit: Chris Merkord
Photo credit: Chris Merkord

Makoce relative to Dewey Gevik Outdoor Area